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One of the world's leading experts on feelings and emotions will be available for you for 10 minutes.
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Every Sunday evening one of the world's leading experts on feelings and emotions Oona Soleil Fergusson and her assistant Yana Kalney will answer your questions.

Oona Soleil Fergusson is the author of the course "42 Feelings" and the book "The Brilliance of your Feelings".

Yana Kalney is a long-term student and follower of Oona Soleil Fergusson and the director of the "42 Feelings" online school.
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Do you have questions you would like to ask?

We receive many letters every week with questions about relationships, work, health and so on. Too many to handle individually. We understand that you too might have a question. We decided to answer them online so that more people will profit from the answers. Or you can just come round and visit with us.

You can send us your questions in the form below - anonymously if you wish.

On Sunday several questions will be chosen randomly and yours might be the one to be answered this time! We will discuss some new ideas as well.

When you fill in the form and leave your e-mail, you will get a reminder for "Sunday visits". The visits will be also broadcasted on Youtube live. The visits will be stored on the 42 Feelings Youtube channel.

We are looking forward to your visit with us.

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Our last Sunday visits on Youtube
Sunday Visits
3rd of March, 2019
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1. How can I not waste time finding the right man?
2. How can I heal a series of unfortunate relationships?
3. Who are the Gods and how do they live and die?
1. What is necessary for humanity to survive the next 200 years?
2. What happens to soul and mind when consuming alcohol?
1. How do I know if what I am feeling are my own feelings?
2. Where does the name 'Soleil' come from and what does it mean to you?
1. What might be a reason for a woman not to have children?
2. When a dying person asks you what to expect on the other side, what would you answer?
1. What impact does a forced false promise have on my system?
2. How do I differentiate my system from external influences?
1. What ways are there for communicating with creation?
2. Do you believe there is a life after death? What happens to our energy?
1. Sometimes I can see and feel the future. What does our ability to see and feel the future depend on?
2. Why do women have affairs with married men?
1. How can we live with the tragic and horrendous events in this world?
2. My ex told me three weeks ago that we should split up, but only a week before he loved me, how do I win him back?
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