Who Are You?
Doctor or Therapist
You might be a doctor, a psychologist or a therapist. You want to become highly effective and successful in your profession, while reducing your stress level.
Leader of People
Your job involves communication with clients, colleagues and employees. You want to be more effective with your skills in communication and public relations. You want to be less stressed, have more energy and resolve problems relating to group dynamics quickly and easily. You want to be in right relationship with others.
You want to expand your knowledge, help your family and friends, care for the well-being of yourself and others, gain wisdom and really understand life. You might have a problem that you want to resolve. It might be a health problem, a relationship problem or something else. You want to learn how to solve your own problems and feel good inside.
Special Offers
Valid only till January 12th


If you are uncertain and would just like to dip your toe into your 42 Feelings course, then the Blue trout package is for you.

Included in this package is only Module 1 - 'Introduction' and 'Dramas of your mind'.

You can always choose to continue with another package when you have completed the Blue Trout.
50% Off

We highly recommend that you go through the course with your partner, family members, or friends.
This will be more fun, and great for your relationships.

We can offer a 50% family and friends discount for 1 person signing up for the course together with you in the same package. Just mention each others names.
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