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What is the difference between the Basic and the Full course?
The six week basic course gives you an excellent foundation in how to deal with every-day drama, the stuff that really matter in your life. You can forget what you know about feelings and emotions and learn a completely new, revolutionary and fun way of seeing and dealing with emotions. Life becomes better, and you feel that you are in charge.

The full three month course provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the basic course and then takes you on a journey of who you are, both in this reality and in the greater sense. It explains energy dynamics, false beliefs and half-truths that keep you stuck. It shows ways to remove those blocks and takes you to the immensity of true compassion and your essence. You will be fully able to practice, apply, refine and have fun with your new skills in your day-to-day life, at home, at work and in your social environment.
What age is appropriate for entering the course?
We have students of all ages.
We recommend a minimum age of 14 years.
Younger children can attend together with their parents. We highly recommended that parents introduce their young children to these skills. We often hear - 'if only I had known this as a child'.
Are there any physical practices? What if I am pregnant, have a physical challenge or health problem?
The practical exercises can all be adapted to your situation.
I have just gone through an emotionally traumatic situation. I don't know if I can cope with more emotions. Will this course make it even worse? Can I be on medication or see a therapist while taking the course?
Having just gone through emotional trauma is the perfect time to join the course. It will help you to understand your experience and reframe it in a new light. You will feel confident and strong again inside.
Often people come off their medication during or shortly after the course. Always consult with your doctor.
I am a religious person and this course seems to be very esoteric.
This seminar is very much about real life as it applies to all of us. It is about us as human beings. This course is for you, no matter what your religious beliefs, gender preferences, cultural background or political views are.
I have seen several similar courses, offline and online. What is the difference between your course and other courses?
Our course on feelings is globally one of the most comprehensive and effective courses available, and is taught by one of the world's top teachers in the field of feelings. The course takes you behind the veil of taboos to where your true power lies.
The material you receive is rooted in a lifetime of investigation and research into how our energy system works. It encompasses years of studying and working with some of the most powerful spiritual traditions, as well as modern understandings in the fields of biology and psychology. 42 Feelings is a fun course with unexpected twists, new paradigms and the possibility for expanded states of consciousness.
How do I sign up for the course?
Scroll up to the menu. Choose the Basic or the Full course, then choose the package that best fits your needs and your life style.
If you are uncertain, we would highly recommend the Maple package at the Basic course and Red Gazelle package at the Full course.
Click the "Join" button, which will direct you to the payment page. You will receive a confirmation email that your payment was successful.
You will receive an email with a link to the course and a link to the Facebook group on the first day of the course.
What is the study format?
Once you have signed up for 42 Feelings you will receive a confirmation email. On the first day of the course you will receive an email with a link to the course and a link to the private Facebook group, where you can share and discuss your experiences with others. New lessons will be available every week, with information and home play tasks. There are creative ways to send in your completed tasks. You might wish to write, draw, take a photo or a video. Your next lesson will be available to you as soon as you have sent in your home play task. We recommend that you follow the given timetable. You can also go through your lessons at your own pace.
How do I know this is for me?
We have absolute confidence in our product and have worked with hundreds of people. We guarantee that if you stay open to the wisdom and knowledge and start applying the tools you receive, you will feel a huge shift between your life at the start and your life at the end of each course.
42 Feelings offers a 2 week 100% money back guarantee with all of its products according to the "Terms and Conditions" section.
Do I need any special equipment for the course?
You don't need anything special. If there is anything that would make you feel more comfortable then that would be a good thing to "bring to class". Make yourself comfortable. You may want to be in your own private space, you may want to have a cozy blanket, a hot water bottle, or a cup of tea. Ideally you will feel comfortable, safe and content.
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